Change Log

GroundDug Beta v1.3.1


  • Logging events causing errors if the bot did not have adequate permissions to view the audit log.

  • On_message_edit and on_message_delete events being triggered and guild ID attempted to be read from DMs.

  • Ability where moderators could forgive a strike multiple times. An error will now show if the strike has already been forgiven.

GroundDug Beta v1.3


  • GroundDug Premium!

    • GroundDug Premium uses votes as a method of currency for better performance and improved auto-moderator functions.

    • GroundDug Premium is currently very limited, however, short URL detection and quicker boundary checks are performed with GroundDug Premium.

    • To get Premium on your guild, simply type g!vote (or your prefix) and it will guide you on where you can go to vote. Once you have enough votes, you can redeem them for Premium by doing g!vote redeem.

    • In the future, GroundDug Premium will have even more features than it currently has!

  • g!boundary verify has been added in order to stop people from saying "I didn't get a message from the bot to verify". This command will attempt to send them a message with their verification link. If it fails, it will send the link to the channel.

  • (This is here for a reason)

  • Auto-Moderator now has Zalgo (Z͎̠͗ͣḁ̵͙̑l͖͙̫̲̉̃ͦ̾͊ͬ̀g͔̤̞͓̐̓̒̽o͓̳͇̔ͥ) text detection.

    • Zalgo is extremely annoying, as it can easily break the flow of conversations and get in the way (like it did just now). GroundDug can now detect Zalgo and easily remove it.

    • This has been added to the Auto-Moderator setup wizard (g!automod setup) or can be found on our web dashboard under the Auto-Moderator options.

  • Extensive logging rewrite. Guild based events can now be tracked and monitored as well as command modules. Commands for logging remain the same

    • Use g!logs enable to view the full list of logging modules that can be enabled.


  • Updated to Python 3.8, which will allow us to develop new features much faster than before.


  • Userinfo command not displaying user roles correctly

  • Boundary manual verification not being clear.

Future Updates

  • Translation strings are currently being considered to be added in an attempt to increase the availability of GroundDug with servers who do not speak English as their main language. We will be looking for translators to do this when the time comes, so make sure you are up to date on our Discord.

GroundDug Beta v1.2.1


  • Discord List API integration to send server, user and shard data to the lists


  • Fixed invalid module call where an error was not returned in Logging.

GroundDug Beta v1.2


  • Boundary - Boundary is a brand new module added to GroundDug which gives users the ability to verify that they are human, further protecting your server.


  • Fixed errors sent to GroundDug developers when a Forbidden event was called by Discord. This could happen when an empty message was sent to a channel.

  • Improved Auto Moderator stability by allowing a logging channel to not be set while allowing Auto Moderator to work.

  • Removed permissions set to users when they were muted, causing previously locked channels to be accessible to those users.


GroundDug miscellaneous logging will be removed as it does not improve the experience to server owners, and could introduce clutter.

GroundDug Beta v1.1


  • BYPASS_AUTOMOD is a new permission which allows users to be ignored by GroundDug automod. This is usually given on administrator but can be given via perms give

  • GroundDug will now automatically assign the ADMINISTRATOR permissions to users who have been given a role with the Administrator permission assigned. This is to increase ease of use within a busy server scenario

  • GroundDug now generates an invite to users kicked from raid mode, so that they can join back in the future.


  • Short URL detector would sometimes error in a regex findall statement, the source of this issue has been identified and has been fixed.

  • Permissions would sometimes be assigned but not updated within a single permission scenario. This has now been fixed.

Future Fixes

  • We are internally discussion whether to remove the misc logging, as the command usage does not affect the server in any way. If you have any feedback about this, please send it to [email protected]

  • We will be re-writing the content on the documentation soon to better reflect the current status of GroundDug.

GroundDug Beta v1


  • Dashboard, which includes settings for automod, logging, prefix and raid mode. This dashboard can be accessed by anyone with the GD_ADMINISTRATOR permission

  • Message on g!automod setup alerting the user that the dashboard is available


  • Issue with logs causing there to be an Int64 object is not iterable error on running commands.

  • Fixed g!perms give and g!perms massgive to update the database.

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y14w-01


  • GroundDug can now create a case for every AutoMod violation. Do automod setup to check this out.


  • The whole bot framework is rewritten and is much safer

  • perms add is now perms give

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y09w-02


  • Auto-mod can now detect shortened links, if the setting is enabled, GroundDug will post a message alerting users that a shortened link has been posted, and shows the true location of the link.

  • perms massadd and perms massremove have been added. You can now add or remove permissions from a role. Check the documentation here for more information.


  • Changed userinfo status to be an emote, rather than text.


  • g!perms massadd and g!perms massremove seem to not be causing the database to update. Further investigation required.

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y09w-01


  • Profanity filter and link filtering. Profanity filtering is based on the profanity_filter Python library, which uses AI and other methods to detect swearing. At the moment, it is not fully setup, however, filtering should work for whole words. Link filtering has been made less aggressive and will no longer believe emotes are links (sorry about that)

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y08w-02


  • admin blacklistadd and admin blacklistremove commands to ignore channels in which the bot will not recognize commands from. This may be useful for server admins wishing only moderator commands to be ran in moderator channels


  • Rewrote raid and setprefix commands to be in a new module, named "Admin". These commands only react to users with the GD_Administrator permission.

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y08w-01


  • Auto-moderation system, which is customization and warns users for their wrong doings.

  • Bot startup procedure has changed to allow it to check every user is in the database before it begins to recognise commands.

  • Backend change to allow developers to push their changes to git and allow those changes to be automagically deployed.


  • Logging modules and how they are stored in the database - this has caused a loss in the data that was stored before

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y03w-02


  • Strike system and history

    • strike will give the user a strike into their history. This can be checked through the history command. A users' strike can be taken away through the forgive command. Further usage can be found in the command documentation.

  • Bot status page. This can be viewed at

  • Bot support server, which can be found over at


  • Custom permissions system causing random invalid permissions to return, despite this not being true. This should no longer happen.

  • Database has been restructured to facilitate the strike system, previous information has not been kept due to this restructuring.

Future Fixes

  • When banning or kicking a bot, 2 errors will be returns, 1 alerting the user that the bot could not be notified, and another is a 400 FORBIDDEN error stating that empty messages cannot be sent. This should be fixed.

GroundDug Alpha Rewrite 20y03w-01


  • g!badges to display the level given by the bot to users. Check documentation on usage.


  • Whole bot code base

    • Includes custom checks which links directly to level system

    • Includes custom GD permissions check instead of checking when command is ran (derived from discord.Cog class)

    • Rewrote embed generation to include async empty field value generation

    • System to allow all modules and cogs to be reloaded, including the core and developer modules. (Accessible only through Level 3 and above, further explained here)

  • Administrators of the server also now get the GD_ADMINISTRATOR permission when the bot joins the server.

GroundDug Alpha 20y02w-07


  • Level system to display developers and trusted users

  • g!kick command


  • Logging method change for cogs

GroundDug Alpha 20y02w-06


  • Asynchronous database handler.

    • Should stop the bot from going offline whenever it is added to guilds with over 100 members


  • Developer restart command to accommodate core module reload


  • Miscellaneous commands have been moved to their own seperate cog ( to facilitate reloading.

    • This will reduce the need for restarts and planned downtime.