Welcome to GroundDug

GroundDug is a brand new administrative bot

GroundDug is one of the most advanced Discord administrative and moderation bots on Discord. The standout feature of GroundDug is the custom permissions system. With GroundDug, you no longer need to rely on Discord for your users to have permissions, you can use our system to let users run specific commands.

Why would I want that?

Custom permissions are something that has never been seen by Discord before. With GroundDug, users can have specific permissions for their roles. You may only want certain users to be able to manage messages while others to mute members in voice and text channels, all under 1 role.

Furthermore, GroundDug has extensive logging features to ensure you keep track of who is executing what commands and where. With the custom permissions system and extensive logging features combined, GroundDug massively reduces the chances of a staff members going rogue or your server being raided.

The custom permissions system are linked with the admin module that GroundDug has. The administrative module includes commands used to help moderators and administrators alike. Some commands include hackbanand softban

Logging in practice

In practice, GroundDug can log all commands ran to GroundDug, along with an anti-advertising filter and a delete message log, which automatically reposts a message whenever a user decides to delete the message. With command logging, GroundDug can be customized to send messages to any channel of your server. Each module has its own logging handler and has its own settings. If you only wish to log administrative commands, you can customize the settings to only log those commands.

In future, GroundDug will be able to auto-moderate and strike users who disobey the rules of the server set by the administrators.

I'm sold! How do I get started?